Serendebyte’s product-driven services approach focuses on building assets that meet atleast one of the below objectives :


Leverage Innovation and creativity to solve critical business problems


Improve productivity of teams through automation

Loyalty Management Solution


Serendebyte’s Loyalty Management Solution is a powerful tool for marketing managers to address challenges of retention, Customer Lifetime Value management, customer engagement and profitability. LMS, when integrated with Pega CRM, offers an easy user interface with instantaneous information on points status and flexibility to manage offers and promotions for marketing managers.

Campaign Management Solution


Our Campaign Management Solution is based on the Pega Next Best Action Marketing platform. It provides business managers the power to plan and execute personalized campaigns based on intelligent customer segmentation and customer behavior. Campaign Management Solution works on predictive and adaptive analytics, based on which campaigns can be planned. It can work with real time data sources and can be executed through multiple outbound and inbound channels.

Digital Asset Management Integration


Our solution seamlessly integrates Pega Marketing platform with popular digital asset management service providers like Shutterstock. This enables a marketing analyst to select and pull any digital assets like images and videos from external service providers and integrate them into their emails to run powerful campaigns

Facebook Integration


Our solution integrates Pega Marketing platform with Facebook. A marketing analyst can post campaigns on custom Facebook pages, track actions initiated by customers and generate automated responses back to customers based on their actions.

ALM Integration

ALM, or Application Lifecycle Management solutions form a vital part of development projects. When properly used, the ALM solution provides clarity into a complex process for testers, developers, analysts and project managers, and can also give project sponsors the high level dashboard type view they require to maintain visibility into a project’s health. There are many ALM solutions available, many with features specifically designed to work with specific methodologies. But when considering an ALM solution for a Pega project there is one major drawback to third party ALM solutions, it is that they are not made to leverage the native ALM functionalities built into Pega.

Pega PRPC offers some truly revolutionary features such as, the ability to capture requirements, user stories/use cases and flows in the system during DCO sessions and then to provide these gathered specifications to system architects in real time in the system they work in. Put together, it is an extraordinarily powerful tool. With the addition of Pega’s Project Management Framework, Pega can provide a full scale ALM solution. The only drawback to this is that in most cases a customer already uses an ALM solution and has several projects that do not fall within the scope of Pega.

This is the gap that the Serendebyte Pega ALM Integration Toolkit (PAT) fills. It has the ability to tie requirements and user stories stored in third party ALM tools directly to Pega. This gives the project team the visibility they require while still using the powerful tools provided by Pega PRPC.

Our solution integrates Pega 7 with major ALM (Agile Life Cycle Management) tools like JIRA and Rally to enable accomplishment of three major goals – linking artefacts in ALM tools like user stories, tasks and defects with those within Pega Designer Studio like configured rules and detailed specifications, creating and maintaining a dashboard for senior project leaders to review linkages and traceability and finally enabling systems impact analysis across any stage of the project life cycle. This solution improves developer productivity as well as reduces frequency of errors through automation. This is a very useful tool for customers of Pega who already have a ALM tools like JIRA and Rally and have not purchased Pega’s PMF.

Next Gen Customer Communication Solution

Working closely with Pegasystems and a team from Tropo, a part of Cisco, Serendebyte has leveraged our experience working with cloud based communications systems to build an integrated demonstration of Tropo and Pega Customer Service Application. This demonstration clearly shows how these two powerful solutions when combined are truly transformational for an organization. In the same way that the Pega 7 platform allows for faster requirements gathering and development over traditional development languages, Tropo allows for a much faster and easier integration of key phone system functionalities than existing on premise phone system offerings. By combining the power and agility of the Pega 7 Platform with the tightly integrated communications capabilities of Tropo, enterprises are now able to greatly reduce the time and effort required for implementing state of the art solutions while providing communications features quickly, affordably and simply. This combined solution will resonate strongly with enterprises having complex customer engagements requiring sophisticated communications, which includes customer service for financial services, insurance, healthcare, telecom, and all segments of manufacturing.