Our Methodology

Our client engagement methodology,  is based on our following core beliefs:

Any project should demonstrate business wins within the first few months.

No program is successful in the long term if best practices and learnings are not captured, harvested and shared across teams

In order to optimize risks and costs, clients should build a certain level of self-sufficiency on the technology.

Driven by these beliefs, each and every one of our client engagements has three major cornerstones


Using the proven agile methodology, we deliver business wins on a regular basis using our skills in business domain, Pega technology as well as understanding of best practices and compliance guardrails.


Once we have secured a few business wins under the belt, we help the client design and build a BPM / Pega Center Of Excellence. (CoE). The goals of the CoE are
a) providing support to the project teams in terms of supplying SMEs and skills development
b) create a repository of standards, methodologies, templates, best practices and reusable assets
c) build models for measurement of success of BPM programs.


Based on the specific needs of the clients, Serendebyte will provide training and enablement to the client’s project teams at two levels – user and technical. The goal of enablement is to build a certain level of self-sufficiency of the client teams on BPM technology so that they could start owning the application development and maintenance over the long term.