Serendebyte – I Can I(ndia) Can(adian) Development Programme


Am I guaranteed to get the move to Canada?

Your Canada move will depend largely on your performance in the first year and Company’s requirement to have people at Canada delivery center. We will do our best to support your progress, to help you achieve your goals. That’s the key to securing the move. We want to build a talent pipeline to support the growth in Canada and it’s our view that giving you the opportunity to experience life there as a win:win.

When do we agree on the goals?

In the first month of your employment we will meet with you to ensure that your goals are clearly defined and agreed.

Who will monitor the agreed goals and give me feedback?

Your manager will work with you and provide feedback on a quarterly basis. If training needs are identified you will be given learning opportunities as soon as possible. If you need additional support then don’t hesitate to request a meeting with your manager before the quarter is over.

How will I know if I’m on track to achieve the move?

Your manager will let you know at the end of each quarter if you are on track or not.

How will the company support the move to Canada?

We will bear all expenses for visa processing (self + family) as well as travel and initial boarding and lodging for 1-2 weeks until employee finds own accommodation. Our team in Canada will help you to settle in.

Will I be given a full-time Canadian contract?

Yes, this will be a full-time employment with Serendebyte Canada Inc, subject to applicable laws of the country and the business needs.

Do I have to commit to a minimum time period?

You need to be in TTEC India for at least 12 months to be eligible for this program. Once you’ve made the move to Canada we expect that you will be committed to us for an initial 24-month period (subject to business needs).

Do I have to repay costs if I decide to leave?

It will be a condition of the allowable relocation expenses that if you voluntarily terminate your employment within 24 months of the start date in Serendebyte Canada Inc that you will repay the allowable relocation expenses (except the government compliance filing fee) as outlined below:

Number of months after start date in Canada

% of the allowable relocation expenses to be repaid before final day

0-24 months


Will my pay change?

Like the rest of the team in Canada you will be paid the local rate for the job in Canadian dollars to a Canadian bank account.

Will I pay tax in Canada?

Yes – if taxes are due on your pay they will be deducted by payroll, as per the applicable law.

Will my benefits change?

Yes – you will be enrolled in the Canadian benefits programme

What about my family?

Family (spouse + children) will be sponsored in this program.

What about visas?

We will work with the TTEC immigration team to secure your visa. To ensure that this is a smooth process we will need you to accurately complete forms and supply required information.

What if Canada is not for me?

Talk to us if you are struggling to settle. If you need to return to India and we have a suitable vacancy we may be able to organize a transfer.

Is there any support for an emergency return home?

If you are dealing with an emergency please talk to us. We will do what we can to support you.

Is there support for practical things like opening a bank account or making sure that I have the relevant permissions to work in Canada?

We understand that moving to another country can be daunting. We will have a local buddy (a colleague that will partner with you during the first few months) who will help you settle in.