Fun at Serendebyte

We, at Serendebyte believe that a happy employee is the most productive employee. We don’t let the pressure of businesses bring down our employees, instead, we let them dig in, do amazing jobs and have fun. There is always an aura of positive energy in our workplace. We conduct contests for our employees, and take them on short trips and team lunches. We have an employee friendly work environment where it is both fun to work and fun to learn.


The Serendebyte team met for their annual get together at one of the most popular resorts in the city. All the Serendebytians stepped out of their cubicles and stepped on to the field and proved that they can both work hard and play hard. The day was filled with activities ranging from Table-tennis to “Uriadi” (pot breaking). Everyone put their sports cap on and had as much fun as they have at work. Each and every activity had everyone participating with a lot of enthusiasm. The events were then wrapped with a lavish dinner at the resort.


Serendebyte strongly believes in individual commitment and group effort, and it is this commitment and effort that has led to its successful completion of 1 year in India. The team celebrated the company’s 1st anniversary at Grande Bay Resort, ECR, Chennai. The day was fun-packed with loads of activities that included cricket, beach volleyball, beach football, tug of war and uriadi (pot breaking). The day ended with a lavish dinner at the resort. Serendebyte is known for its employee friendly work culture, and this was yet another successful attempt to build the team, and strengthen the bond.


Serendebytians are known to work hard and play harder. On the occasion of Serendebyte, India's second anniversary, the team decided to skip the regular outdoor sports and gathered at Soap Football to celebrate it in a unique fashion. The decision paid off as it turned out to be a memorable experience and the whole evening was spent laughing. With everyone trying to kick the ball and score points, and ending up slipping and falling, the fun quotient was sky-high. The day ended with a lavish buffet dinner at one of the most popular restaurants in the city.


The International Women's Day is all about unity, celebration, reflection, advocacy and action. Serendebyte embraced the Women’s Day celebration with an amazing and fun filled Zumba session taken by Certified Zumba Instructor, Archana Ganesan. The session was aimed at bringing the women out of their comfort zone. It let them enjoy themselves to the fullest, leaving behind the tensions of workplace and family. Everyone was high-spirited and grooved to the music, enjoying the freedom to dance their stress out. The session also included a brief Karate lesson fused with dance moves.


The Serendebyte team had their annual team outing for 2018 at Irumbuli Village, a serene village near Chennai. It was a break from the routine city life to a peaceful green village farm. The day kicked off with Maatuvandi (Bullock cart) ride and ended with Karagattam (Water pot dance). There were loads of fun-filled activities in between coupled with a heavy Vaazhai Elai Virundhu (Feastly meal served on banana leaf). The activities in the wet-field (tug of war, running race, volley ball) were the most interesting as they were very unique. There was also a pottery session followed by everyone trying their hands at pottery and taking their creations back home. It was a rejuvenating outing with a great opportunity to experience the traditional village lifestyle.


We presented an opportunity to the Serendebytians to unleash their hidden talents that we do not get to see at the workplace. The result was mind blowing. From dancing to singing to poetry to mimicry and also stand up comedy, the number of talents we witnessed was incredible. Two awards were at stake-Best Individual Performance and Best Team Performance. Abishek Sekar walked away with the Best Individual Performance award for an astounding mimicry performance which was a riot of laughter. The 'Pega Psychos' team won the Best Team Performance Award for a well synchronized dance performance which also had its element of humour. As the DJ took over the stage, the entertaining event came to an end with everyone taking over the dance floor.